AML Professional Services Advisory International, a/k/a A.P.S.A. International, launched its operations ion September 2017. Although a new legal entity, A.P.S.A. is far from a newcomer to the AML arena. This venture represents the reconstitution of a legacy firm, by its key principals, that has served over 25 global, regional and small banks and financial institutions throughout the New York financial center, the United States, and internationally in countries such as Canada, Latvia, Belize, and Panama, since 2005.


A.P.S.A. International is co-headed by Christopher Sigerson - Managing director AML Services & Financial Crimes Compliance, Yousuf Kassim, Director of AML Surveillance & Regulatory Relations.

Mr. Sigerson has 21 years' experience with the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, and six years of AML consulting expereince, independent audit, and remediation project leadership.

Mr. Kassim has 10 years' experience with the US Army and Department of Defense as an Intelligence Specialist identifying and tracking illicit money 

flows throughout the world and seven years of AML compliance experience specializing in regulatory relations and monitoring systems.


Mr. Sigerson formed the leadership team that drove the successful AML Practice at IPSA International from 2013 through 2017. IPSA International was a well-known and highly regarded boutique AML risk advisory and consulting firm that operated from New York City until September 2017, when its parent company, root 9b Technologies, a cyber security firm, ceased operations.


Senior Managing Director & AML Practice Chair, conducted business development, client relations, marketing and promotion, project oversight, and P&L management. Mr. Sigerson, Head of Activity & Transaction Monitoring Remediation, led the formation and performance of client project teams, accountable for delivery of professional services and client performance objectives.


At A.P.S.A. International, our Principles are simple and they are clear:


  • DELIGHT THE CLIENT. Do not just meet or exceed expectations.

  • NO ‘NEWBIES’. Our professionals are known to us by past performance or direct referral from team members who vouch for a colleague’s conduct and performance.

  • NO DRAMA. Team chemistry is vital to the success of a client project. Behavior that distracts from the client mission is not tolerated.

  • We do one thing and one thing only: AML


This is why we can state: “We are AML Professionals” in our marketing and promotion. The Big Guys cannot guarantee No Newbies. And the IT and regional accounting practitioners cannot make these claims either. They are not specialized.  They learn on the job at a client’s expense. And their work often results in the duplicate cost of do-overs.


A.P.S.A. international has the capability of providing a full menu of AML investigative, advisory and technology services delivered by credentialed, specialized professionals, and reacting quickly to a regulatory enforcement action or remediation project by delivering up to 75 professionals at once, and higher numbers on a staggered basis, along with a project management team fully capable of assuming full accountability for a client program deliverable. Our consultants can provide language capabilities in Mandarin, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and Arabic.


APSA is most experienced in the following areas:

  • Transaction Look-backs  

  • Alert Inventory Clearance - backlog or BAU  

  • Case Investigations 

  • SAR Writing & Quality Review 

  • AML Project Leadership  

  • Sanctions Alert Clearance  

  • KYC Front and Back Office: Client Re-Profiling, Activity Review, and Data Validation 

  • AML Model Validations  

  • Independent Program Assessments 

  • Surge Resourcing for AML Operations 

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